Detective Eye is the best and leading private detective agency in Kolkata, West Bengal. The company has vast experience in the field of investigation with over 10,000 cases solved across Kolkata and out of Kolkata. The company runs on the motto of optimizing results and customer satisfaction. Many private and corporate clients have appointed our team of investigators within Kolkata. We have developed a wide range of skills, knowledge and amount of experience in professional monitoring. So, we are the best detective agency in Kolkata that provide surveillance services, the best detective services, the best pre and post-marriage services, best detective agency in Kolkata, West Bengal. We help to advise you on what type of monitoring would be most suitable for you and provide different and most suitable services.

Why Detective Eye is the Best Options For Surveillance Services?

We must convince ourselves of doubts that can significantly impact our lives. The only reason to hire a private investigator is their experience and skills in modern surveillance. Surveillance refers to the immediate observation to capture and monitor the activities of a person or group in order to meet and collect the objective of the matter. Detective Eye has a lot of services to offer to its clients, and this is what makes us the best detective agency in Kolkata
  • Highly skilled and experienced staff.
  • 100% Customer Privacy Guaranteed.
  • Free consultation services (for first appointment only) for all types of cases.
  • A multiple award-winning detective agency.
  • Widely covered by media houses.
  • For employees to work efficiently 24/7
  • Cost-effective and customer-friendly service
  • We use the latest and advanced espionage equipment and software.
  • We cover all types of personal and corporate matters.
  • Highly professional and reputed management team

Cases Registered Under Our Surveillance Investigation?

We consider all aspects of the investigation. Furthermore, we take care of our customers as much as we plan to highlight our content. There are many cases that can be filed under surveillance investigation. some of them are:
  • Child Custody: A child custody monitoring investigation is conducted when one parent hires a monitoring detective to observe their child’s visitation with the other parent. It is often seen that parents scold their children for separation, molestation, rape, abusive relationships have become common now. This is why child custody monitoring investigations are conducted.

  • Criminal: Criminal surveillance checks are conducted to track down someone who is suspected of robbery, employee theft, vandalism, rape, or molestation. We consider distant people as criminals but never consider our close ones as criminals. In such cases, A person completely traces them.

  • Mobile: This is one of the most difficult surveillance investigations as it requires our surveillance detectives to follow the subject in a moving vehicle. It largely depends on the traffic and external conditions.

  • Personal: If you suspect that your partner is cheating on you, then you can opt for the monitoring test and see for yourself what they do throughout their day. You can track their phone calls, emails and all records with surveillance inquiries.

  • Corporate: Powerful people often abuse their power by running companies. Organizations do millions of dollars worth of illegal and corrupt deals. If you want to expose the true reality of any organization, you can file a surveillance investigation case with us. We provide the appropriate technology and gadgets to help us gather evidence and data about people. You can use these statistics in a court of law if you want.

Detective Eye is a private investigation agency that aims to deal with a variety of cases in a range of situations. We have a dedicated team of surveillance investigators who are experts in their surveillance services work. People see them as more criminals and people with a terrorist mindset than anyone else, giving them a bad reputation.