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One Of The Best Detective Agency in Kolkata – Investigation Agency in Kolkata

Detective Eye (Regd.) Best Agency is India’s leading private Detective and Investigation Agency. We take pride in presenting ourselves as a Private, crime and Civil investigation firm, primarily involved in offering truly dependable services to various sections of society such as corporate sectors, institutions, organizations, hotel industries, commercial establishments and individuals. Detective Eye Agency is functioning in the city of Joy, Kolkata for the last 27+ years. We have a team of well-qualified and experienced professionals who carry out assignments in a prompt and efficient manner.

Our Director Mr Pradip Debnath effectively guides our operators whenever and wherever the necessity arises. He owns Expenses from 1995. We strive to maintain the confidentiality of our clients and cent per cent privacy is Retained during the Assignments. We make sure that our identity is not exposed under any circumstance. Our services are accurate, appropriate and prompt. We endeavour to observe, anticipate and fix the issues of our clients and help them sort out their problems. The company is a pioneer in the field of private investigations and continues to be the leader.

Why Choose Detective Eye 

The company is head office in Kolkata. At Detective Eye we provide the best state-of-the-art facilities using Modern Gadgets and the latest instruments including Spy cams, Recording, V D O Recordings, Hidden Cameras, Surveillance Equipment and Monitoring Devices that are available only in the International Market. We are constantly upgrading innovation our services with Advancements in Technology and function. Detective Eye is One of the Best Private Detective and Investigation Agency in Kolkata and the Following Areas such as Salk Lake, Howrah, Bagh Bazaar and other parts of Kolkata.

It is the finest service provider as a Detective Agency in Kolkata in individual services like Matrimonial cases, Loyalty checks of the partners, child monitoring, teenage monitoring, Evidence in family court cases, Enquiry of missing person cases, Divorce related cases for evidence and proofs, Extra Matrimonial Affairs Check, Partners Cheating cases, Premarital check, Post Marital check and many more.

We are the best Detective Agency in Corporate cases also like Record Search and Verification, Employment Verification, Intellectual Property, Bank Fraud, Insurance Claims, Undercover agents, Asset Verification and many more. We invite you to call us at +91 9433182228 and talk to a private investigator or visit the contact page to send us an email at detectiveeye1970@gmail.com