Investigation Agency in Kolkata

Want to know the truth? The evidence is out there.

Detective Eye is getting the fame for being the pioneer investigation agency in Kolkata and having versatile roles in understanding the various investigative needs of all kinds of clients and taking the best use of investigative procedures to meet entire needs in the least possible time so that people across the region have better reliance on our work and be convinced by our works and be open and frank in using our services for getting extensive results and effective solution of majority of problems.

As Kolkata’s Top Private Investigators, we have the capability to complete assignments issued by a client, perform surveillance for extended periods, and detect and reveal information that may be hidden or unavailable.

Investigation Agency in Kolkata

Private Investigation Agency in Kolkata

Our detective agency doesn’t only have a base in Kolkata. We also offer our service in other countries and we offer services not only in Kolkata but also in India. Detective Eye has a team of highly-skilled investigators that operate worldwide and provide the best results. Personal investigations, such as Pre Matrimonial or Post Matrimonial, are offered by us. Cyber Crime Missing Person cases and much more. We specialize in corporate investigations like Pre-Employment Verification, property documents, employee background checks, and asset verification. Here are some services that we offer.

  • Personal Investigation Services

These include personal investigation and theft investigation. This includes monitoring people’s activities and gathering information that can be used to help clients determine if they are correct. This could include investigating burglaries and thefts.

  • Corporate Investigation Services

We can also conduct fraud investigations and pre-employment checks. We can also perform competitor and asset searches, trademark investigations, and IP rights research. These services are available for start-ups and local traders as well as multinational businesses.

  • Matrimonial Investigation Services

Our matrimonial investigation services include pre-matrimonial and post-matrimonial. These services can help couples make better decisions and learn more. These services can help married people find out more and determine if their spouses cheat.

  • Forensic Service

To investigate fraud, deceit, or pilferage. Many companies offer forensic services that can prove extremely helpful. These services include fingerprint and handwriting analysis, signature verification and DNA test.

  • Cyber Crime Investigation Services:

With the rise of the internet, cybercrime has increased in frequency. Excellent help for solving cybercrime cases is a Kolkata detective agency.

  • Person Investigation Services:

It is worth hiring professional person investigators if you are looking for someone to look out for your friend or family member. You can be sure that you don’t trust someone by checking their background and reviewing mission details.

Benefits of Hiring the Best Detective Agency in Kolkata: Detective Eye

  • It is amazing to see the combined experience of more than 25 years in the industry.
  • Our team includes professional, experienced and knowledgeable detective agents.
  • We offer a variety of services to both business and personal investigations at very reasonable rates
  • Throughout the investigation, confidentiality for our client is assured
  • We follow Indian regulations when investigating

We believe every case is unique. We must approach every case individually and pricing will differ depending on the amount of effort and time spent. So, we at Detective Eye will do all we can to find the truth and any other relevant facts that you need within your budget. We will support you from the very beginning to the end of your case.