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Marriage Counselling

If you are happy in your married life then everything goes perfectly and you will do other things with a positive frame of mind. We can’t state that to live a prosperous married life is not so simple as it has a variety of inconveniences and hazards in it which should be handled with care and love. Now it has become a big question for every married couple how they can maintain their relationship smoothly and how they can make their married life happy. Since we don’t know that we cannot deal with it impeccably, therefore, it becomes important to consult with an expert marriage counsellor who can guide, and counselling you better to tackle the unfavourable situation of married life.

Detective Eye conveys capable marriage counselling in Kolkata and other real urban areas in India. Our marriage counsellors and relationship advisors gift couples valuable counselling sessions to sort out their marital and relationship problems.

Divorce Counselling

Thinking of getting divorced after marriage is nothing less than a disaster. Affairs, arguments, and violence are the most likely symptoms that flourish between couples and lead to this sad end. However, the most respect that you can give to your relationship is to try to end the relationship together i.e. opt for divorce counselling. It can help you understand deeper problems that have either gone unnoticed or seemed impossible to deal with.

Family Counselling

Family First – Our forefathers have heavily propagated and believed this concept in movies, shows, and real life. In most cases, the family is the place where one finds security. Family is the place where we unwind and disconnect from the outside world. This is one where everyone depends on each other for happiness. However, with changing times, people often blame their families for their miseries.

Any personal discord or career disturbance in the life of one person can affect the other members of the family as well. This leads to misunderstandings, sarcastic taunts, feeling like putting other members at ease and generally making them feel hurt and angry.

We help to first understand the problem, then move towards understanding how each family member sees it differently, and finally provide a successful solution which in turn helps to resolve misunderstandings between them and Helps strengthen their bond.

Child Counselling

Many teenagers are having emotional difficulties. People find it difficult to talk to people they know, yet they need someone to talk to when they are having problems with friends, family or school, and are worried, sad, angry or scared. Our counsellors help them talk about things, and support them without nagging them. Feel empowered and confident enough to make a positive difference in your life. Child counselling differs from adult counselling, where we specifically take into account the child’s age and mental conditions. With the help of activities, our child counsellors gain insight into the child’s subconscious mind, which is always true.