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Detective Eye is  the Best Detective Agency in Kolkata for your service. As a Private Detective Agency, we provide the most comprehensive, reliable and truthful evidence-based private investigation, information, and legal services within the stipulated time frame. Our full range of private investigation and security risk services, including background checks, fraud checks, and more.


The pre-Matrimonial investigation is a thorough background check conducted on individuals planning to marry. Detective Eye the Best Detective Agency in Kolkata conducts thorough pre-matrimonial investigations, ensuring transparency and trust in prospective marriages. By delving into individuals’ backgrounds and uncovering hidden information, We assist clients in making informed decisions, safeguarding against future conflicts or surprises.


Post-Matrimonial investigation is a crucial inquiry conducted after marriage to address doubts or concerns. To clear your doubts get our Post-Matrimonial investigation. We provide discreet post-matrimonial investigations to address doubts and concerns in marriages. Our skilled investigators discreetly examine activities, uncovering any potential infidelity or hidden issues.

Infidelity in Love INVESTIGATION

Infidelity in Love Investigation is a sensitive process that aims to uncover signs of cheating or betrayal within a romantic relationship. We conduct sensitive investigations on infidelity in love, discreetly unveiling signs of betrayal within relationships. With empathy and expertise, they help clients confront the truth, making informed decisions about their love lives.

Deception in love

Deception in Love is a distressing situation where one partner misleads or conceals important aspects of the relationship. This breach of trust can lead to emotional turmoil, making it crucial to address and resolve the issues openly and honestly. So, to get investigations, exposing misleading behaviours and hidden aspects within relationships.


Fraud is a serious problem plaguing many companies. It takes many forms and can increase the cost of doing business, lower employee morale and damage a company’s reputation. Once a case of fraud is suspected, it is important to gather facts to determine whether there is evidence of fraudulent intent. We’ve been able to stop criminals from continuing to perpetrate fraud. We can also help our clients avoid or recover their losses.We are the Best Detective Agency in Kolkata for this investigation.


Detective Eye investigators are highly skilled in solving kidnapping, abduction and missing persons cases across Kolkata. Whether you need to locate a missing person in Kolkata or any area of Kolkata, our missing person investigation agency can trace their whereabouts and determine if there is foul play involved.


Detective Eye is a professional corporate investigation and brand protection company providing comprehensive investigative and intelligence services to clients globally. The company has a strong focus on providing high-quality, comprehensive services to help clients reduce risk and make informed decisions.



Handwriting verification by Detective Eye is a meticulous forensic service that expertly analyzes handwriting to authenticate documents and signatures. Utilizing advanced techniques, their skilled investigators provide reliable and credible results crucial for legal proceedings and ensuring fraud prevention.

Finger Print Detection

Fingerprint Detection by Detective Eye is a cutting-edge forensic service focused on identifying and analyzing fingerprints found at crime scenes or on crucial documents. Their skilled investigators use advanced technology and expertise in digital forensics to extract valuable evidence. This meticulous process aids law enforcement in solving cases and ensuring justice is served, making communities safer.

adultery / EXTRAMARITAL affairs

Detective Eye discreetly investigates adultery/extramarital affairs, providing sensitive information for clients to confront relationship issues. With experienced detectives and advanced surveillance methods, we provide clients with accurate and sensitive information, empowering them to make informed decisions regarding their relationships and future.

teenage monitoring

An internal report states that juvenile crimes have increased day by day in urban areas for many years. A study in the state of Kolkata found that most reported juvenile cases were between the ages of 16–18. Juvenile surveillance has become the need of the hour in the country. Hence, with the help of detective agencies, you can ensure the safety and well-being of teenagers.

Mutual Separation

Detective Eye facilitates an amicable separation investigation for couples seeking separation. With sensitivity and professionalism, we gather relevant evidence, help clients negotiate a fair settlement, and avoid unnecessary disputes during the separation process. So, if you feel that you are being cheated and now it is of utmost importance that you find out the hidden truths, just contact us.


Detective Eye has one of the best teams of surveillance detectives. We are a Kolkata-based company but our branches are spread all over Kolkata and we work in multiple locations. The surveillance investigation is being chosen everywhere because of the increasing crime rate in the country and around the world. We conduct discreet monitoring to gather vital information for legal, personal, or corporate purposes, ensuring effective decision-making and peace of mind.

cyber crime

Cyber attacks have increased dramatically these days as companies turn to the web and social media for marketing, banking and internal work. The more data and information that exists on a network, the greater the risk of it being stolen or misused. If you fear that cyber sabotage has compromised corporate secrets or leaked financial data, or if your reputation is being damaged by bloggers, careless social media posts or other Internet-based reporting, Detective Eyehelp with the investigation.

mobile crime

Mobile Crime Investigation involves skilled investigators using digital forensics to analyze data from smartphones and devices, aiding law enforcement in solving cases and ensuring justice. To avoid or to save from this kind of fraud we need expert investigators to analyze digital data to assist law enforcement in solving cases, providing swift and efficient justice. We need crime investigators who can utilise advanced mobile forensics techniques to uncover crucial evidence from smartphones and other devices.


When choosing a private investigator, it is essential to ensure that they have sufficient experience, expertise, and credibility in the field. Our criminal investigators have many years of experience in dealing with criminal cases, we understand the law and evidence, and we can do scene reconstructions where we sometimes use forensic tools to provide a picture of what happened Let’s reconstruct the scene of the activity together.


Any kind of false claims and suspicions become the major cause of conflicts arising in the marital life of a couple. These disputes are a major cause of frustration and depression. Detective and Investigation Agency Investigation helps you to save your relationships and your marriage by providing highly accurate information about your spouse and his/her infidelity towards you. 


Dependable, reliable, honest employees are vital to your business’ reputation and success. But how can you be sure you’re able to professionally verify your job applicants’ CVs and personal backgrounds – avoiding making hiring mistakes while verifying their employment history and academic excellence? Without the resources and appropriate assessment tools, decision making and hiring employees can ultimately be a costly experience. Instead, get your candidates thoroughly and accurately screened and tested by our experienced staff at Detective Eye.

background check

Background check/investigation is one of the many research services offered by Cyber investigators in Kolkata. This type of investigation will involve searching or verifying historical facts regarding a citizen or sometimes an organization. However, background checks in Kolkata are often done for the same purpose such as employment Screening. Background checks in Kolkata may include research on criminal history, credit history, social media presence, previous education, employment history, references and personal history.


At Detective Eye we have a dedicated and experienced team of undercover agents who have proven skills gained from working within law enforcement agencies. We have trained and experienced agents capable of performing tasks ranging from white-collar crime to low-level commercial operations. Any covert operation requires careful and thoughtful planning in order to obtain the best available evidence. Our agents recognize and understand the evidentiary standards required under Kolkata law. Throughout our operations, we uphold our trust, integrity and experience.


Extortion investigation requires the best investigator diligence to trace and gather evidence against perpetrators discreetly. Their expertise aids in dismantling schemes and protecting victims from harm. Detective’s Eye handles extortion investigations with utmost diligence. Our expert team employs advanced methods to trace and gather evidence against perpetrators, aiding law enforcement in dismantling extortion schemes and protecting victims from further harm.


Pradip Debnath-Director Of Detective Eye 

We are a private investigation agency established 1995 that proffers services in various fields depending upon the requirement of our client. In a world full of conspiracies and conflicts, we are a private detective agency that has highly skilled private investigators who are adept with the latest technologies and techniques to help our clients through their tough times.

We deliver spectacular services by doing our best. Our main motto is to help our clients on a personal level where they are free of their chaotic life. We bring peace to them by investigating in accordance with a suitable case. Detective Eye is amongst the most preferred and reliable investigation agencies present in the country.

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