Cyber Crime


Today internet is a treasure trove of information and technological advancement has made it accessible from every corner of our country. The development of sophisticated and highly sophisticated search engines has made information available to all. However, this largest and richest source of information has also increased the risk of cyber ​​crime and loss of privacy. The explosion in Internet usage has also seen an alarming increase in the number and magnitude of Internet-related crimes.

A cybercriminal can repeatedly threaten behavior and define it as cyberstalking. Detective Eye is a highly experienced investigative and forensic firm that helps corporations, small businesses and individuals address unwanted cyber issues affecting their lives. Each year we receive thousands of requests for help for issues including cyber harassment, unlawful computer intrusion, privacy violations, extortion, Internet fraud, trademark infringement, defamation, copyright infringement and intellectual property theft.

Our team of investigators, forensic experts and IT managers provide end-to-end solutions to our clients which include various services like:

  • Review of existing fraudulent activity
  • Data analysis to identify risk areas
  • Determining the Identity of Cyber Intruders
  • Suggesting recommendations to control fraud
  • Implementing solutions to prevent future frauds.

We thoroughly and comprehensively audit, assess risks, and test to identify areas of concern that may need to be updated. Our cyber ​​crime experts work at various levels to protect the information assets of a company. Our team of investigators and other experts have experience in anticipating potential threats, patching security flaws, and thwarting all types of attacks, including the most sophisticated attacks.

Every day we are seeing more and more advanced strategies that cybercriminals are using to hide their identities, use them as attack platforms, and disrupt, destroy, or harm people’s businesses and lives.

Law firms often hire cyber investigative services to help them develop the technical evidence needed to file a civil or criminal action. Because we have seen it all, we can help our clients resolve their cases quickly and find ways and means that most law firms do not have the technical expertise to handle.

Types Of Cyber Crimes We Investigate

  • Access Device Fraud
Transfer of funds involving credit and debit cards, or other types of account access devices.
  • Network Intrusion
Unauthorized access to a computer or network using a variety of methods, including malware and bots.
  • Point-of-Sale System Agreement
Unauthorized access to checkout or cashier systems that process the electronic transfer of payment for goods and services.
  • Illegal Financing Operations And Money Laundering
Attempting to pass off illegal gains as legal ones by investing them in the financial system.
  • ATM Attacks
This includes access device manipulation and network intrusion.
  • Identity Theft And Use
Theft of personally identifiable information for illegal financial gain.
  • Ransomware
A type of malicious software designed to block access to a computer or network until a sum of money is paid.
  • Business Email Agreement
A type of payment fraud when legitimate corporate email addresses are compromised in order to conduct unauthorised wire transfers.