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Detective Eye is a specialist Detective Agency in Kolkata. We are working in the investigation business for the last 25 years. Our Private Detective in Kolkata is one of the best in Kolkata, West Bengal. They assist people in resolving complex issues with their expertise. Whether you’re looking for missing persons, a cheating spouse, or commercial fraud, we can help. When you call our office, you will speak directly with one of our friendly customer service representatives. We’ve helped thousands of clients find lost relatives, catch fraudsters, and recover stolen property. Let us use our expertise for you today!

The mission of the Detective Agency in Kolkata is to provide personalized and professional private detective services in Kolkata to clients with legal issues and personal concerns with an emphasis on quality service. We aim to provide a service that is in the best interests of our clients and aim to achieve the best possible outcome in each client’s investigation matters.

Detective Agency in Kolkata

Kolkata`s One of the Best Detective Agency

Detective Eye provides 100% discreet private investigation and corporate monitoring services at affordable rates in Kolkata, West Bengal. Our highly skilled professionals take care of your business needs, personal life and corporate requirements. With our vast experience in the field of investigation, we provide discreet and confidential surveillance, monitoring suspects through online tools such as CCTV cameras installed at various locations. We also provide 24×7 customer support, so if you have any queries regarding our services, please feel free to contact us. To learn more about our investigation services, call us today!

The Services Offered by Our Detective Agency in Kolkata

Kolkata’s only private detective agency providing fast, discreet and global service, derived from over 25 years of experience. We provide various investigation services under one roof such as: –

Personal Investigation Services

Detective Agency in Kolkata

  • Missing Person Tracking: If you are concerned about someone’s whereabouts and don’t know what they are up to, or if you just want to trace someone who is hard to find, we will be able to help. An experienced missing person investigator or private investigator like our detective in Kolkata will be able to use advanced methods to help you locate the person you are looking for.
  • Pre-Marriage Checkup: In some cultures, a man’s wedding ring signifies his commitment to be faithful to his partner. Before entering into any marriage, people should ensure that they are not involved with anyone else. We are able to provide premarital screening for our clients so that they can find out if they are being cheated on by their partners.
  • Post-Marital Investigation: One of the major factors contributing to the growing worries in married life is the suspicion about the extramarital affair of the partner. This is where we enter the scene. Our investigators dig into all the realities and lay out the facts, creating a clearer picture that will help you make better decisions.
  • Family Matters Investigation: Family Matters Investigation basically means such investigation which is related to your family matters. In other words, if someone close to you is committing a crime, we’ll investigate to make sure nothing bad happens to you. We are able to conduct these types of investigations because our team of experts have access to information about people and places that others may not have. So, if you think someone close to you is committing a crime, call us today.

Corporate Detective Services

Detective Agency in Kolkata

  • Covert Investigations: Covert investigations are basically top-secret investigations carried out by hiring people who do not know anything about the investigation. In a revolutionary move, an undercover investigator is essentially appointed as a regular employee; a truck driver; A shopkeeper, etc. He then gathers all the information together with the employees who are unaware of the undercover investigation.
  • Pre-Employment Verification: Pre-employment screening basically refers to the background checks conducted by employers to ensure that their new employees meet the minimum requirements for employment. These checks may include verifying the applicant’s claimed educational credentials, checking references, conducting interviews, reviewing credit reports, and conducting drug tests.
  • Post-employment verification: Ongoing background check processes help companies find any missing pieces of personal information that may not have been provided to them. They provide a complete picture of the past of the applicant which helps the company in many ways. Background checks are becoming increasingly popular today because they provide ongoing feedback on any prior arrests or convictions recorded in the individual’s name.

Apart from the above-mentioned services, there are many other services that we provide such as missing case investigation, teenage monitoring, labour rights investigation etc. We are proud to be one of the first companies to provide detective services all over Kolkata.