Background check and full criminal history records are quite useful for confirming someone’s past involvement in various businesses and organisations as well as their current financial situation. However, not all comprehensive reports are created equally. We are the leading Background Screening Investigation Agency in Kolkata

Our specialists are among the best because they thoroughly search both public and private information sources and possess the knowledge and search resources required to offer an accurate background check service. We know how to separate false background-checking information from real and reliable information and we always prevail when the odds seem insurmountable, and the truth is hard to come by.

If you are a business leader who needs to create a screening program for job candidates or an individual who needs background check solutions for his or her personal interests, we can help you make the right decision and provide you with the best of records. We provide detailed reports on an individual’s past and present, including criminal record information, arrest records, asset records, education history, employment history and other types of verification.

Detective Eye utilizes a strategy that draws from multiple top-tier data sources to provide a comprehensive and accurate subject profile and accurate background check results that our clients rely on to make important business and personal decisions.

Best Background Checking Services

Detective Eye assists clients in learning the real story behind things and people every day. Based on the information available, Detective Eye can create a tailored solution to meet your needs and budget.

While we don’t offer unlimited background checks for a monthly subscription, we cover all the information you need on the first try. Additionally, it can eventually save you money, time, and effort.

How Much Does A Background Check Report Cost?

Standard rates are available depending on the type of data required in your background-checking report. We offer a variety of background check reports, but if there is additional data that is outside of the normal background check process, there will likely be additional costs associated with your report and specific background service. Talk to one of our investigators today to get a free quote and make sure you get the information you’re looking for.