It is rightly said that success in marriage does not come from finding the right partner alone. A married couple should be grateful to offer each other the exercise of their daily routine. However, if the other partner finds the method wrong. understands, then problems may emerge in the marriage. This will raise questions about the other partner and wrong allegations can be made about each other. Thereafter, the need for detectives/investigation services turns into a necessity after marriage. We provide this service in different parts of the country, wherever the customer requires the test. Detective Eye provides post matrimony investigation services in major cities of India and Kolkata. Do you suspect that your spouse or partner is cheating or having an extramarital affair?

We can assist you with a thorough and judicious divorce investigation, such as evidence of infidelity, income/financial/property statements – as required in claims for maintenance/alimony, documents from earlier divorces, etc.
Detective Eye Jasoos specializes in matrimonial surveillance and cheating spousal investigation. Hence, we Kolkata’s leading post-matrimony investigation service.

Why choose us for post-marriage investigation?

  • Our Case Investigators are highly dedicated, highly skilled, professional and experienced detectives.
  • We keep our customer’s identity strictly confidential and do not share it with any third party under any circumstances.
  • We complete the investigation within a limited time frame. We also ensure that you are kept updated at all stages.
  • We provide photographic and video evidence relevant to the investigation.
  • We furnish a complete report of the investigation carried out on the person.
  • We also provide all post-marriage services all over India.
  • We help our clients to make the right decisions for their secure future.
  • We provide 24/7 support to our customers regarding all types of enquiries.

Leading Post Matrimonial Investigation Agency – Detective Eye

At Detective Eye, we provide post-matrimonial dispute investigation to all our clients. Due to our divorce case investigation service, clients are able to gather all the evidence against their cheating partner. Top, expert and dedicated professionals perform our services, knowing the sensitivity of these types of issues. Our professionals deeply collect all the relevant information and help the clients claim their rights from their spouses. Furthermore, We can offer our services at the most reasonable prices.