Pre-Employment Verification
Pre-employment verification is very important to check the credentials of the candidate. The Detective Eye background screening program has earned a prestigious position in organizations across the globe. Given the higher level of confidence, these organizations are now able to rely on the performance potential of their human resources. The Detective Eye background screening program is a timely step with invaluable economic and strategic benefits for an organization.

Why are pre-employment verification and background checks important?

Background checks let you make informed recruiting decisions. This will ultimately save your company time and money in a long time. With the wide variety of services available, it’s easy to find the information you need to make an onboarding decision. Simply put, a background check or verification is an important part of making sure that the individuals you hire are a good fit for your culture.

Detective Eye – Background Verification Services

We provide a wide range of background verification services i.e. Employment Background Checks, Professional Reference Checks, Criminal Background, Global Diligence, Address Verification, Educational Qualification, Financial Credit, Identity Proof Checks, Court Records, Risk Databases, Crime Databases, Sanction Lists, Politically exposed persons and various other background checks are carried out in Kolkata as per the business requirements.
Employee background checks are important. Companies opt for verification to reduce risk, create a safer work environment, prevent fraud, establish trust, and protect company brand value and profitability. Companies should screen candidates at all levels, including part-time employees and senior management. All employees have equal access to office premises, property and sensitive information and, therefore, pose a significant risk.

Service Benefit of Detective Eye:

  • We provide a complete package of employment screening services including verification of credentials and references and character assessment
  • Each investigation aims to provide the most accurate and current information available that is brief. It provided in an easy-to-read investigation report.
  • We can provide results quickly and efficiently because we understand that it is not practical to wait several weeks to receive the required information and it is not possible to risk losing potentially valuable members of staff.
  • We work with you to determine the information needed to make an informed, responsible hiring decision