We have a handwriting experts team who examines and provide handwriting verification, detection and investigation services. Our team checks for forged signatures, fraudulent letters or forged documents. We are able to solve your problems quickly by checking the required documents under the guidance of handwriting experts.
In the wake of globalization, a new type of unwanted fraud, fraud in the case of copying in handwriting is taking shape across the country. Majorly, the following areas are facing the problem of handwriting:
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Health care
  • Education
  • Government
In order to use handwriting verification services, many companies in the sectors mentioned above are now engaging detective companies.
With the way crimes and fraud are happening globally, the demand for handwriting experts is becoming essential.
At Detective Eye, we have detectives with practical expertise in handling such complex cases, using advanced forensic analysis to identify who actually wrote the document or handwriting to ascertain whether it is as claimed original or fake and avoid unwanted issues. ,

Some of the major problems arising due to counterfeit handwriting/handwriting forgery are:

  • Misuse of handwriting
  • Unauthorized persons can sign checks for very large amounts
  • Persons who are not authorized can issue an indent on the document
  • Fraudsters can wrongly deliver the order

Our Handwriting Verification Experts Have:

  • Calligraphy expertise
  • Ability to use eavesdropping devices
  • Skill in conducting psychometric tests
  • Experience in preparing psychological profiles
Our experts use forensic intelligence to provide results with utmost accuracy in theft detection using handwriting recognition techniques. We compare and match handwriting on key documents as well as signatures and handwritten content. Then, we prepared reports that would be completely authentic and consistent for presentation in court.
At Detective Eye, we have detectives with hands-on expertise in handling such complicated cases by using advanced forensic analysis to identify the person who actually wrote the document or to detect the handwriting whether it is original or fake as per claim and avoid unwanted issues.