Fraud Investigation

A fraud investigation is just one of a variety of corporate investigations we cover at Detective Eye. Being one of the top private investigation agencies in Kolkata, we investigate all types of issues related to corporate investigations.
Many times the only reason why companies fail is because of fraudulent activities within the organization by its employees. Hardly anyone starts a corrupt company with the mindset of looting people, but eventually, money starts running the companies. Once the money is in circulation, people go off the rails and start making fraudulent schemes that will pocket other people’s money.
Fraud investigations can be conducted within a company on its employees or with a competing company. There are many ways to check for fraud but we focus on the best method that results in an end result for our customers.

Need of conducting a Fraud Investigation

Fraud investigations can be conducted on individuals as well as on the entire organization.
If you are a company that is facing an unexpected loss in its sales, then you need to conduct a fraud investigation. There are two possibilities that could occur in this situation:
Firstly, either some of your internal employees are transferring data from your company to another company and increasing sales.
Second, a competing company is spreading false information about your company, tarnishing your reputation.
If you are at the stage of hiring employees and want to check whether your new employees have given you the correct information about themselves or not, you can go for a fraud check. Also, you can verify the data they give you like previous job experiences, previous salary, college details etc. These details are highly important and will protect you from any fraudulent employees who later harm your company.
If you are someone who wants to expose a company, you can opt for our services for fraud investigation, in which we will give you insider data of the suspected company. We can give you information about a company’s legal status, its employees, their past operations and sales, market value and whether they are good or bad for you.