Murder case includes information about the suspected person includes in a murder case and private…, Murder investigations are always very tedious and difficult crimes to solve, and many times the police department don’t have the time or proper resources available to solve such cases, especially in areas where the violent crime rate is very high. In such a scenario, their solving such cases rate dips alarmingly and they find it harder to stretch the limited resources even further.

Detective Eye is a full-service private detective agency in Kolkata. In addition to providing personal and corporate investigation services, we leverage our years of experience in the criminal field and provide expert criminal case support.

Our Detectives/Investigators at Detective Eye are highly experienced and skilled at solving such cases, even if the police department has not completed their investigation. Investigations in murder cases are time-consuming, so we suggest that you as a client should contact us as soon as possible so that any physical and forensic evidence is lost or damaged.

High Experienced And Trained Team

Thanks to our team of highly trained and experienced detectives, we are able to provide excellent investigative services in all types of criminal cases from kidnapping to murder and everything in between. What sets us apart from the rest is our commitment to finding the truth and our ability to find tiny bits of evidence in the most seemingly ordinary places.

Due to the long time taken to solve such cases. All murder cases are different from one another and require different skills and knowledge and since we understand that it is very painful to talk about the murdered loved ones, our specialised team will give you correct advice and will be respectful and treat your case with immense sympathy.

Do you need any help solving criminal cases? Please feel free to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with all the help you need, and will also use all the technology and resources at our disposal to achieve positive results. When you are with us, you can look forward to getting the best criminal assistance experience.