Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Without adequate information, the joyous occasion of marriage can turn into misery. Without adequate information about the prospective bride and groom, their financial status and their family, many marriages lead to unhappy and broken marriages. The revolution has invaded the sanctity of the institution of arranged marriage, unlike earlier days when marriages were usually conducted within known families. With the changed scenario, marriages are mostly being arranged through unfamiliar sources like websites and newspaper advertisements. That’s where Detective Eye steps in. We provide services for Pre-Matrimonial Investigation and Verification. We not only verify the details provided by the other party but also provide a detailed analysis of the prospective bride/groom.

  1. Relationships with other men/women: The present relationships of the future bride/groom sometimes continue after marriage. So, this becomes a constant source of conflict in their later married life. Knowledge of the present and wherever possible past relationships of the prospective spouse will go a long way in making an informed decision about marriage

  2. Financial Status: This has to be checked thoroughly and very confidentially. So that the client gets a clear picture of the expected standard of living of the alliance, and not later disillusionment, which may lead to a breakup.

  3. Employment/Occupation Description: The investigation includes an in-depth examination of the professional status of the prospective bride/groom. It is especially for low-performing jobs with high-sounding designations as are in vogue nowadays. If the prospective spouse is in business, we can find out the financial status of the business.

  4. Criminal Activity: Involvement in criminal activities is one aspect of the individual that comes to the fore only after a thorough investigation.

  5. Drug/alcohol abuse: Drug/alcohol addiction can be a source of major financial stress. In addition to having far-reaching psychological effects on both the abuser and the partner. It is necessary to have knowledge of these addictions before making any decision regarding marriage.

Our scriptures proclaim that marriages are made in heaven, and Detective Eye’s expertise in pre-nuptial investigations. And validation goes a long way in ensuring that the marriage stays that way.

How will we help you In Pre-Matrimonial Investigation?

We have a team of premarital detectives in Kolkata who work across the country to solve premarital interrogation cases. They are highly skilled and professional people. Matrimonial inquiries are just one of the many types of matters we handle. When a client comes to us with even minimal information about a person, we know where to start and how to take the whole matter forward. It is definitely not an easy task. Hence, many times we have seen our clients crying in the middle of case travel. Sometimes the lies and pretense are too much, causing severe damage to families and leaving them speechless and hopeless
Girls often face this problem when they get engaged to a guy who looks just normal from the outside like any other guy, but inside he is hiding a secret from her. It could be an open lie or a closed lie, who knows for sure? The potential and power of words can only be understood when you suffer because of them. Promises made over phone calls and messages are not enough these days. In fact, people have become so adept at lying that they can lie about anything without blinking an eye.
For such people, we have pre-marriage verification which not only reopens their lost and hidden affairs but also leads them to the right path of truth.