How to Become a Detective in India

become a detective in India

To become a detective in India, one must go through some phases. This phase includes educational requirements, relevant experience, necessary skills, and qualifications about the detective role. Here are some comprehensive guides to becoming a detective:

Perception of the Role of a Detective:

  • Duty: It is necessary to investigate crimes, collect evidence about crimes, interview the required persons, and solve cases.
  • Types of Detectives: Various types of detectives exist, like personal detectives,  police detectives, corporate detectives, and forensic detectives.

Educational Qualifications:

To become a detective, it is necessary to gain minimum educational qualifications, like a high school diploma. Students with various educational backgrounds, like B.Sc. criminology, law, and justice, will become detectives. We need additional courses like a forensic accounting course and a cyber crime course.

Skills and Ability:

Becoming detectives requires some analytical abilities, such as problem-solving skills and analyzing complicated situations. The ability to collect and prove evidence requires a keen eye. It’s necessary to have good verbal skills for communication. Technological skills, including computer and forensic tool knowledge, are also needed.

Detective Eye

Relevant Experience:

To become a detective, it is essential to complete an internship programme with law agencies, private detective agencies, or any legal institution. Dealing with criminal justice is also required. Gaining practical knowledge started job law positions or police officer posts.

Joining the Police Force:

To join the police force, it is necessary to have Indian citizenship and be a physically fit person. Then complete a written examination with a medical examination and a personal interview. After that, complete training with the police academy.

Become a Government Police Detective:

Firstly, start as a police officer and apply for detective officer posts, then take additional courses in criminal investigation and forensic science and become a detective.

Becoming a Private Detective:

License: Obtaining a license from an authorised figure, like a private detective agency, according to Act 2007 and gaining work experience in the private detective field. After gathering enough knowledge and networking, I started my own agency.

Some Detective institutions in India:

  • Amity University,  Gujrat
  • Detective Training Institute, Delhi
  • International Forensic Science, Pune
  • The institution of intelligence and investigation studies, Mumbai

Training and Certification:

Various certification courses like forensic science, cyber security, cyber crime, cyber forensics, and criminal investigation are required for becoming a detective. Then, participate in workshops, seminars, conferences, meetings, and detective work to gain knowledge. After that, join the association of private detective investigators.

Corporate (Property) Due Diligence

Legal Consideration:

Properly understand the IPC, CRPC, and other relevant laws. knowledge gained about ethical policy and guidelines with integrity in investigation.


specialises in a particular area like cybercrime, financial scams, etc. Then pursue advanced degrees in criminology or law enforcement. Then maintain a leadership role within the detective agency.

Networking About the Detective Area:

Set up a network in the legal, detective community area. Continuing the latest developments in the detective field and building professional development

To follow these guidelines to become a detective and maintain regularity in the learning process to become a successful detective in India,.


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