Handwriting Investigation by Detective Eye Agency

Handwriting investigation

This is an investigation referred to as a legal evidence, document examination, or handwriting analysis. It’s used to prove the authenticity and reality of the author. This field is important for fraud identification, investigation cases, copy fraud, and criminal investigation. Here, Handwriting Investigation by Detective Eye Agency discovered the fraud and this agency is the best private investigation agency in kolkata.

Detective Eye Agency is in this field, offering a specialised service in handwriting analysis. This agency trains its employees in document verification and examination. This service includes:

  • Fabrication Detection: Identification of a document and proving whether it’s a copy or not.
  • Signature Verification: Estimate the signature on legal paperwork to verify the quality of the signature.
  • Origination Determination: identify any dispute with handwritten paperwork and verify the original source of the document.
  • Document Ascertain: Verify the proper age of a document and the items used to create it in the Document Ascertain process.
  • Ink Analysis: analyze the physical materials of ink used to create materials accurately.

What is the Method of Handwriting Analysis used by Detective Eye Agency?

Handwriting analysis, which is also known as graphology techniques, This method is mainly used to determine personality, behaviour, psychological condition, etc.

Handwriting investigation by Detective Eye Agency

Key Methods of Handwriting Analysis:

  • Slant process: This process indicates the outgoing and emotional state of a person. It’s to denote caution, introversion, nature, etc. Vertical slant exposed a logical approach mainly.
  • Size: Large writing mainly denotes an extroverted and confident person. Small writing denotes an attentive, careful person.
  • Pressure, spacing: Heavy pressure indicates an emotional state, anger, and energy. Low pressure indicates a relaxed attitude and a quality of sensitivity. Narrow spacing denotes closeness and attitude; line spacing denotes the thinking capacity of a person. Irregular spacing offers instinctive.
  • Some advanced discriminations are angular letters, stable baselines, ascending and descending baselines, etc.

Analysis process:

After collecting handwritten samples, conduct a proper observation and note every component like pressure, size, etc. After that, prepare a personality profile and keep away from any misconceptions.

How is Handwriting Tested?

Handwriting testing is a technique that evaluates various features of a person’s handwriting to understand their personal profile.

Education Ambience:

  • This context understands the form, size, spacing, alignment, and slant of a piece of writing.
  • Speed is a context of a handwriting test. The rate at which a person types measurements.
  • Consistency and functional design are also part of the handwriting test context.

Handwriting investigation by Detective Eye Agency

Psychological Ambience:

Understanding the motor skills and evaluating the thought of writing is a great aspect. Analysis of personal characteristics using graphology is a good method. Understanding the authorship and document evaluation is a brilliant aspect.

Method of Testing: 

  • Observations: Direct observation is the first step. Observations of the flow, pressure, and speed of a writing.
  • Standardised writing: Understanding copywriting and tracing letters is the best solution.
  • Technology: various advanced digital technologies like software can determine the stroke and pressure of a letter.
  • Analysis: Forensic experts use this method. They use various tools, like magnifying glasses and a microscope, to analyse small writing samples.

Technique: collecting samples, then visual analysis, complete measurements, and at last, designing a graphical plot.

Handwriting tests allow for various purposes. To solve criminal cases, fraud cases, etc. Specialised knowledge can offer a diverse opportunity in this field.

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