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Marriage Investigation Services

Pre-marital screening is important. It is a crucial part of modern life. Both partners must be healthy & Well-being before they marry. So, along with the Physical Test, it is vital to hire a Detective. They will find out through their Marriage investigation services. They will find out in detail about the background of brides or grooms. You should take precautions before getting married. If you are already in married problems then know how to solve them in detail. Read about it in today’s blog post.

What are Marriage Investigation Services?

Before marriage, Prenuptial Investigation Services conducts surveys. It gathers information or looks into concerns. Done before tying the knot. “This ensures that your future spouse is reliable and honest about their past.”


We have a lot of experience with good reviews. We Investigate and solve many types of cases in Kolkata. And we help couples settle things within the ambit of the law. We cover almost all aspects of Matrimonial Issues.

We investigate suspected infidelity to help improve our client’s marriage. Collecting all that information is the main task of our team. Above all, we try to find out if old marriage issues or divorce cases are going on with Bride or Groom. And then we first started gathering evidence for days. after this, we submit our client with the collected data. So that, they can get rid of their future partner’s extraneous related issues. Or may reconsider and make the right decision.

Many people need help in their alimony Cases. They bring evidence of their spouse’s job. They rely on our alimony checks. If you have the same issue, hire an investigator. This will avoid wrongful payments to a chosen spouse. In such cases, we start to gather enough evidence by checking the employment. For example, we determine if the spouse works or not. Once we receive the confirmation, we begin data collection. And gathering enough evidence for this is the real goal. In this way, we help our clients thorough verification.

You can also hire detectives to investigate the financial background of the spouse. Also, an investigator agency collects the info. It helps in divorce cases. For matrimonial inquiries, we examine the income of husband and wife. Collect evidence of income sources, investment details, and assets. Then, give it to the clients. It will help them win their divorce cases.

Neither spouse can marry elsewhere. They must first get a divorce from their lawful spouse or partner. If anyone does, it is a legally punishable offence. And find out if he is doing this, hire us to sort out the cases. We investigate bigamy or polygamy. We check if a partner has remarried illegally. Also, if he has kids from this second marriage. Through this process, we save many lives from loss.

In a divorce case, it is normal for a parent to fight over the custody of their child. But we also help clients win custody battles over their partners. You can hire us in such cases. We investigate to see if the partner can get custody of the child. Or, if the child will be safe with them. Apart from this, we collect a lot of proof and evidence that help our clients win in child custody issues.

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